We love a challenge!

We love the challenge of competing with established brands in highly competitive markets. As a midsized family business with limited resources, we have always been resourceful and inventive to create a competitive edge and drive sales. Commitment and expertise in every aspect of the game enables us to offer a solution instead of just a product. Customers nowadays demand far more customized solutions and services for their specific needs, offering both superior products and service is our winning formula.

Unique in how we do it!

Inhouse content development

The level of our content enables a competitive edge. We focus on building trust with our customers, boosting user engagement and generating sales. The inhouse development of video’s, pictures, SEO-texts and titles offers us the flexibility to create the best content fit for each channel. From Brand websites to marketplaces, from social media to catalogues.

Cross sell enablers

Selling related or complementary products to an existing customer is named cross-selling. It is one of the most effective methods of marketing. We have developed an instore display solutions and an online cross-sell database to complement the purchase of a device like for example a smoke detector or security camera, with the right type of battery.

Planogram heatmap

We improve the customer experience with well-designed planograms that fit the specific store designs. We use a heatmapping tool to define the best possible lay-out, even if that means that we have to include competitor products.