The difference between batteries and solutions

Brands is a global leader in battery distribution. We have a wide range of cells and packs exclusively for the industrial sector. We offer both conventional formats as well as special sizes for the widest variety of applications.

Globally orientated, locally rooted

As a partner at the service of the industrial sector, we are always there for you, no matter where you may be. We ensure short lines of communication through local contacts who speak your language. Our expertise in the batteries line extends over more than fifty years. Our company is characterised by the strictest regard for quality, safety and efficiency, as well as the highest standards in research and development. We enjoy helping our customers with advice and technical support. We welcome you to challenge us with an issue so that you can experience the difference between a battery and a solution.

The perfect energy source for every application

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) 

NiMH batteries perform exceptionally well in high power-consuming devices. These batteries are extremely safe and have a long service life. 

Lithium rechargeable

With their high energy density and low self-discharge, these batteries are suitable for compact gadgets and various electronics.


These disposable batteries are reliable, long-lasting and powerful. Available in the most popular battery sizes.

Primary Lithium

Lithium batteries offer high voltage, high energy density and a long service life. They are protected against overload and short circuits. 


Experts in

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, rechargeable lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, primary lithium batteries

1001 applications

Our product range includes highly reliable batteries for the widest possible spectrum of applications. From batteries for emergency lighting and safety systems to gadgets. 


Emergency lighting is automatically activated when unexpected power failures and calamities occur. This requires extremely reliable and safe batteries. NiMH batteries are the ideal solution for modern e-Light systems.


Due to the convenience and comfort offered by electric shutters, which you open and close with or without remote control, their popularity is increasing. An additional benefit would be if your remote control battery also lasts a long time.


New passenger cars are equipped with E-Call (Emergency Call) so that emergency services are alerted if you are involved in an accident. But please remember that there are batteries in the SOS button!

Smart Home & Security

Your home can only really become 'smart' if devices work 'together' rather than separately. Find your high-quality battery in our extensive range.


Where would we be without telecommunications and informatics? We offer an energy solution for an infinite range of systems and electronics.

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Six steps to the perfect energy solution

Sometimes a standard battery is sufficient and sometimes customisation is required. Our industry consultants would be happy to explain our wide range of products and the special formats too. No question is too strange or too complex.

Brands offers everything from single cells to composite packs.

  1. We develop tailor-made solutions in consultation with you.
  2. The coordination would be supported by the GP team in Hong Kong.
  3. A technical drawing will be made for approval.
  4. Certainty about everything, even during the sample phase. We repeatedly run tests before you, as the customer, conduct a trial.
  5. We only approve mass production after a rigorous process of approvals.
  6. We write AFTERSALES in capitals to ensure that our customers are and remain totally satisfied.

Experts in

Complex energy issues, consultancy and bringing together wishes and solutions.

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These are the brands we are proud of. Each and every one of them is an excellent business that improves the efficiency of our customer's life and makes it more enjoyable. What more can you ask for?

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