'We treat your brand as ours'

Brands makes brands glow and bloom. It is our passion to strengthen brands and help them grow. We therefore pay attention and care on your brand as if it were our own. We do this for the consumer market as well as the industrial market.

At Brands, your brand is not just a number

For us, your brand is not just a number. Brands surrounds brands with the attention they deserve. We provide exceptional marketing and streamlined logistics. You can expect us to put in two hundred percent effort!. We do our utmost ... as if it were our own brand! Hence our slogan: 'We treat your brand as ours'

Supermarkets, petrol stations, kiosks, pharmacies, DIY stores, department stores, etc. There is hardly a point-of-sale where our products are not sold. The market is huge, but that doesn't make it any easier to get a prominent place on the shelf. Brands reaches out to buyers and helps them find the right access and sales channels through promotion and sales support. At Brands, your brand is not a number. With selective brand policy based on a category idea, we give your brand the attention it deserves.

Market presence

Business to Business

From hardware store to department store. From Amsterdam to Berlin. Brands operates in Western Europe and is familiar with almost all sales channels, serving more than 10,000 retail outlets. We generally serve our larger retail customers directly, while making highly selective use of distribution partners within various sales channels.

We collaborate with the major players in each sector in the digital domain. These range from local companies and multinationals to specialist customers within different (niche) markets.

Business to Consumer

Well-known brands score better. Brands therefore serves consumers directly via marketplace platforms and our own webshops wherever necessary. We use targeted branding to enhance the brand's image. As our brand flourishes, the growth of your brand is also stimulated. If that's not a win-win situation, what is!

Experts in

Distribution, marketplaces, webshops, branding, B2B, B2C

Category management

Specific approach

Successful sales do not happen by themselves; they are the result of intense efforts. Brands therefore never employs a one-size-fits-all approach when selling to end users (consumer sales). We know that every market, every project, every product, every sales channel and every customer requires an individualised approach.

A well-considered plan

Brands employs the category management approach. This approach involves the analysis of market data, research into the competition, keeping abreast of technological developments and drawing up inventories of 'consumer insights'. We critically evaluate all of the above against your product range, presentation and pricing. The result of this is a well-considered plan that maximises the value of the product group.

We are there for you

Would you like to find out how to improve your returns from your category? Our team of sales and product managers would be more than happy to address your questions in all languages (EN | NL | F | D).

Experts in

market analysis, competition research, benchmarks, technical updates, performance improvement

Promotion and communication

Exceptional marketing communications

A highly individualised approach to promotion and communication is required when addressing a varied range of customers spread over different markets and sales channels. Our marketers are skilled in developing content, POS materials and other product-related communications.

Converting content

We operate and maintain webshops developed internally by us for the purpose of testing content and to ensure that the best converting content is available for our e-commerce customers as well as for ourselves.

Exclusive promotions

With exclusive promotions, we accelerate distribution, boost sales and generate extra attention around specific products. Making use of our excellent contacts with studios in the US, it is also possible to collaborate with the world's largest film producers!

Experts in

Content creation, content marketing, e-commerce, graphic design, webshops and websites

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