Professional and decisive

At Brands, we combine the warm geniality of a small-scale family business with the professionalism of an energetic and dynamic company. With its head office and central warehouse in Deurne, Brands distributes batteries, lighting and torch-related products in the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

To be better

How can we constantly improve on what we were doing yesterday? A question that everyone at Brands is constantly asking themselves. This is what characterises the energy and enthusiasm with which we constantly strive to improve our performance - each and every day. This is how we are able to keep pace with a rapidly changing and demanding world. Our core values are integrity, ownership and teamwork. Click here for more information.


The common thread that runs through our relationships is mutual trust and respect. In short, we treat others the way we want others to treat us. We always keep our word and are known for our honesty and trustworthiness in everything that we do.


What needs to be done and in what order of priority? Brands employees are highly proactive and willingly take the initiative and responsibility. Goal-oriented action! We constantly ask ourselves: 'How can we constantly improve on what we were doing yesterday?'


We are not a group of soloists, but a strong cohesive ensemble that collectively supports common goals. We love tackling issues with all seriousness but also realise the importance of having fun along the way, of learning from our mistakes and of celebrating successes together.

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Our history in a nutshell



Foundation of Brands by Jan Brands in Lottum. A remarkable phenomenon, well ahead of its time, makes it’s appearance: the door-to-door sale of batteries - with a shop on wheels.


Exclusive partnership

Brands is introduced to Gold Peak Group in Hong Kong, China, and concludes an agreement with it.


Expansion across borders

Brands expands its horizons and now distributes its products via sales companies in the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


GP Lighting

The light bulb is slowly but surely losing popularity. New technologies are coming into vogue. Brands and GP do not lag behind, but seize the initiative: GP Lighting literally sees the light.



Brands launches its first own brand: iiquu. Batteries and home security products such as alarms, special lighting and dummy cameras for use in and around the house..



Brands once again expands its product range, this time by becoming a distributor for Favour, a powerful brand in innovative portable lighting.



Another new brand in the Brands range. The addition of Emos represents a further specialisation in the lighting and energy categories.

Not just some pretty faces

Every day, dozens of passionate employees work hard to satisfy the wishes of our customers and to raise brands and labels to a higher level. We do this with the right mix of experienced specialists and young talent at different levels of the organisation.

Does the Brands philosophy appeal to you? Would you like to be part of our highly motivated, dynamic team? Join us!